Aerospace and defence applications provide a unique challenge for today’s system designers. Hardware must operate in extreme environmental conditions without risk of unexpected failure. From custom products through to standard COTS, from wide operating temperature ranges through to radiation hardened devices: International Rectifier HiRel Products Inc (an Infineon Technologies Company) has been meeting this high-reliability challenge for over 20 years. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of high-reliability; ruggedized power mosfets, discretes, integrated ICs, DC DC converters, solid-state relays and motor control modules.


Infineon Technologies is a leading supplier of discrete semiconductor devices for the world wide space community. The product range of High Reliability and ESCC approved products spans from Microwave PIN and Schottky diodes through a broad range of microwave transistors to rad-hard PowerMOS Transistors. On request bare dies are also available from specially approved and reserved wafers.