Since the companies inception Zentrica has looked to provide a solution sale to it’s customers, pairing headline products with commodity lines, saving the customer money and time. One of the fundamental commodities in the market is memory and that’s why we’re proud to supply Goodram Memory, Europe’s largest memory producer.

Formed in 1991 and based in Poland, Goodram have been market leaders in Europe, with exports making up the majority of their business. Initially starting with solely RAM memory, Goodram are now able to produce Solid State Devices, Flash and USB memory. Their key alliances with Toshiba Electronic Europe and other manufacturers allows them to offer a large product base which can be specified to your exact needs.

With equipment supplied by Panasonic, Goodram have the most modern memory production line in Europe. For Zentrica’s customers in Europe this provides a huge boost, with time & shipping costs reduced when compared to Far-East memory manufacturers.

Zentrica look after the industrial side of the business, having worked with high-rel memory lines in the past, lending expertise to complex builds, whilst supporting large, volume projects as well.