Everpro Technology is the worlds leading active optical cabling manufacturer. The joint venture between YOFC – the worlds largest fibre supplier, and VIA – the 3rd largest x86 provider, has allowed Everpro to develop and manufacture high quality signal distribution cables at a much lower cost that their competitors.

Active Optical Cables allow for distribution of video and data signal up to 300m, replacing traditional copper cables and CAT5 transmission devices. Everpro’s cables are robust, and can withstand much more stress than copper or traditional fibre cables, making it ideal for integration in a number of jobs.

High resolutions are not a problem for the cables either, with their HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 ranges able to support such high bandwidth. Also on offer are USB C cables for AR/VR headsets, as well as DVI and DisplayPort cables for medical applications.

Zentrica distributes the full range of cables, and welcomes discussions on OEM opportunities.

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