See who we are, how we began and what we can do for you.

Zentrica Limited is a pan-European semiconductor distributor. We are focused on a small number of quality manufacturers, each with a clear value proposition. We pride ourselves on marrying these quality lines with our customer base, using our personable and knowledgeable team.


How we began

With our foundations built upon decades of support to the semiconductor industry, Zentrica began trading in 2001. Through close relationships with our suppliers and even closer relationships with our strategic customers, we have grown into a mature and dynamic business. We now enjoy many long-lasting fruitful relationships.

Our European customer base has grown and in 2012 we began distributing high performance embedded GPU/GPGPU boards from TUL corporation with a specific focus on the European Embedded market.

Aerospace and defense applications provide a unique challenge to the industry, but collectively we have over two decades of supporting this industry, which is why in 2016 we became the sole authorized distributor within our territory for both International Rectifier HiRel and Infineon HiRel products.

Our business continues to move on from strength to strength.