Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. is a global leader in the design of high-performance mixed-signal semiconductors that enable HD Everywhere, the go-anywhere “any mobile to any screen” high-definition experience. Analogix makes it practical for mobile devices to optimize battery life while presenting applications, movies and images on virtually any HD display including internal system screens, computer monitors, and TVs.

Analogix IP cores, full custom ASICs and off-the-shelf digital media ICs provide end-to-end connectivity through industry-standard interfaces like DisplayPort™ and HDMI™, and can be found in millions of today’s world’s leading brands consumer electronics devices and professional equipment including:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablet, Netbook and Notebook computers
  • Desktop PCs
  • HDTVs  and legacy TVs
  • DVD Players
  • Digital cameras and camcorders
  • Set-top boxes

Analogix design innovations have created new capabilities in two principal areas:

Mobile HD

Analogix SlimPort technology extends the display power of handsets, tablets, notebooks and cameras. Just as an iPod™ can drive a concert hall speaker system, with Analogix a mobile phone or tablet can present on virtually any high-definition display-even 3D.


Create stunning HD PCs with Analogix internal DisplayPort controllers and monitor components like TCONS (timing controllers). Analogix allows device manufacturers to build thinner, lower power, higher resolution displays that provide more immersive entertainment and richer media presentation.


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