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We are a supplier of Embedded graphics cards powered by AMD Embedded Radeon™ graphics processors (GPU) and one of just a few focused distributors of Embedded low profile graphics cards within Europe.  Zentrica is also a distributor of boards using AMD SoCs & APUs which combine graphics processing (GPU) with traditional CPU cores for those applications requiring more intensive processing solutions.


We understand that the Embedded world demands long supply and availability.  Through our carefully chosen suppliers, we can offer up to 5 years longevity to the Embedded market and provide both easy to use COTS solutions, as well as detailed customisations for both hardware and drivers.  Our products are used by some of Europe’s leading companies in applications such as video walls, digital signage, datacentres and medical displays.  If you need help to deliver your company’s unique value to your customer base, then Zentrica is willing and able to support you.


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Embedded Value
The Embedded world doesn't change overnight. That's why Zentrica's chosen suppliers guarantee availability of products for years after they are first released. We know that our customers are all fighting to increase their market share, so we welcome requests for customisation where Zentrica can help you produce unique solutions.

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